Grab the BOX and Go...

Out on your Patio tonight. To your next Tailgate. To the Beach. On your next Camping trip.

Loaded with 40oz. of premium charcoal briquettes. Perfect for burgers, hot dogs, brats, and fish for four. No need to haul 20 lbs dirty, messy bags or cans of lighter fluid with you. All you need is a match and a BOX.



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It Starts with a Match...

Box sequence

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Easy Directions

  1. Open Top
  2. Remove bag of starter paper set on lower grill
  3. Place the BOX with the charcoal inside over the bag on the grill
  4. Light the starting paper through the lower side vents (where it says - Light Here)
  5. About 18-20 minutes later you’re ready to grill when the briquettes are ashed over.

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A Fish Story...

Crappie Fish
Fishing Trip

The Time I Invented the BOX

It began like most stories. We'd been drinking. And fishing. Of course we'd been drinking and fishing. It goes without saying. But now its been said, anyway.

There we were with some very fine crappie waiting to be grilled and someone had forgotten the charcoal chimney. OK, Porter had forgotten the chimney. I had the charcoal, he hadn't held up his end as usual. That's when it hit me. I took the old fried chicken bucket from the trunk, punched some holes in the bottom, tore up the newspaper we were going to wrap the extra fish with and stuck it under the bucket of now loaded charcoal. Sparked it all with my grandfather's depression era Zippo.

Now the holes are what made it work. Without going into the aerodynamics and physics of hot air rising, let's just say the charcoal looked like it should after about two beers.

There are some people who want exact times down to the minute. It takes two beers before you can put fish on a charcoal grill to cook, with a little butter of course.

When we got back and started telling this fish story everybody wanted to know what happened to the bucket. So I showed them with a milk carton what happens when you light a bucket of charcoal. The same thing after about two beers.

So here's the BOX. Who knew you could patent a box? Light it up. Have two beers, or whatever counts as two beers worth of fishing stories or fun in your part of the country. Then throw your food on the perfectly ashed-over coals. Don't blame us if your story doesn't end with you inventing the easiest way to grill. Get yourself some better beer and take that time to make some better stories.



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